Water Audit Validation Service

Water Audit Validation Service

The state of California has been declared drought-free for the first time since 2011. However, reducing water loss is still a concerning problem for the state and local water suppliers.


WEBB acknowledges the importance of minimizing water loss and improving efficiency in water distribution systems for suppliers and our communities.

Is your agency prepared for October 1, 2019?

Senate Bill 555 requires urban retail water suppliers to prepare an annual water loss audit in accordance with the American Water Works Association (AWWA) M36 method. Urban retail water suppliers must submit a Level 1 validated water loss audit to the State Department of Water Resources by October 1 every year.


WEBB is certified to perform a Level 1 validation.
With certification by the California-Nevada (CA-NV) Section of the AWWA, WEBB can provide an unbiased, transparent analysis in order for suppliers to make objective improvements.


With the October 1 deadline quickly approaching, we’re prepared to assist your agency with the State’s validation requirements. Click the button below to schedule you validation by September 1!



What's needed for a validation?

A Level 1 Validation includes:


  • A review and evaluation of the following documentation:
    • The completed AWWA Free Water Audit spreadsheet.
    • The reported water volume from its own sources, as documented by the supply meter(s) or other means, as applicable.
    • The reported volume of water imported and exported each month by connection.
    • The documentation of the customer meter and supply meter accuracy testing and calibration.
    • The reported volume of authorized consumption each month broken down by water rate, if different rates are applied to water users.
  • A review and evaluation of the accuracy of performance indicators included in the AWWA Free Audit Software.
  • A review of audit inputs and data grading values to confirm a correct application of methodology, and follow-up reviews (if indicated).
  • An interview between the water audit validator and the person or persons who prepared the water loss audit, and any member of the utility staff with information that the water audit validator believes is necessary to complete the Level 1 audit validation.


In order to perform the validation, supporting documents are required (in addition to the free water audit software). Click here for a downloadable checklist.

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