Kaiser and UC Riverside Projects

Kaiser CEQA Project and UCR Medical Building 2

Kaiser and UC Riverside Projects

Kaiser CEQA Project and UCR Medical Building 2

Project Overview

WEBB has had the privilege to work on a variety of high-profile, local projects such as the Kaiser Hospital expansion and UC Riverside Medical Building 2 project. 

Kaiser contracted WEBB Associates to conduct a fast-paced CEQA analysis for their expansion.

UC Riverside enlisted WEBB to help them with the addition of their Medical Building 2 facility.


Key Issues & Challenges - Kaiser

Narrow Timelines

The Kaiser CEQA analysis required our Environmental Services team to inherit the project from a previous consultant and complete it within an extremely aggressive timeline. This project required significant attention to detail and constant communication with the City of Riverside.

Key Issues & Challenges - UCR

Big Project, Small Space

The UCR School of Medicine building expansion asked our engineers to place significant utilities within a very tight space with minimal records on the existing infrastructure. Adaptability and a strong relationship with UC Riverside allowed this project to take off and remain on schedule. Below are some of the accomplishments we were able to produce:

  1. UCR has an existing tunnel system that conveys piping throughout the campus. WEBB was able to protect the tunnels in place while designing the underground utilities and surface grading.
  2. The School of Medicine project was required to protect in place the surrounding buildings and entrances. WEBB designed creative onsite grading to ensure approximately 20’ of elevation change allowed ADA access throughout the project.
  3. A loading dock is proposed along the western side of the building. WEBB was used AutoCAD truck turning templates to ensure trucks would be able to back into the loading dock and exit safely.